Learn more about our Mango Kent

From the intense heat of the orchards of Sinaloa, we bring you the experience full of flavor, color and freshness of the delicious Mango Kent.

Restaurants with dishes from Mango Kent Fresco 2023

1. Contramar

2. Saint

3. Em

4. Maximo Bistrot

5. Rosetta (bakery and restaurant)

6. Kiin Thai

7. Galanga ThaI House

8. Comet Ice Cream

9. Niddo Cafe

From Mexico with love

We select the best quality from Mango Kent in Rosario, Sinaloa. Learn about our process:

  • ● We choose Mango Kent orchards with the best terrain and climate characteristics.
  • ● Selective cutting on each tree to harvest only the fruit that has the appropriate size, color, cleanliness and level of ripeness.
  • ● Packaging process with trained labor so that it does not affect the quality of the fruit.
  • ● We protect your mango with a cap so that it reaches you and you can enjoy its flavor with the love and care with which it was made.